Magic comes with a price. But on your birthday, all your expenses are paid. Welcome to Grooverland.

Grooverland is a large parser game that takes over two hours to complete. It is based on the works of author and programmer Chandler Groover, although it does not require previous knowledge of his games to play. 

David Welbourn has made a detailed walkthrough for this game with maps:

WARNING: While most of the game is simple, this game has a couple of verbose, complex combinatorial puzzles requiring careful logic, experimentation or extensive exploration, and these puzzles are required for progression. The hints will give explicit solutions if you get stuck or if the puzzle seems unfair.

This game is written by Mathbrush (Brian Rushton)

Edit 7/2/21: The online version has a bug in the endgame that may impede progress. See comments on this itch page if stuck at the very end.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction

Install instructions

This game can be played in-browser or downloaded as a gblorb. The gblorb file requires an interpreter to play. One interpreter that's available on Mac, Windows and Linux is Lectrote:

Alternatively, the 'Quixe Interpreter' zip file contains an index.html file that allows you to play the game on your local browser. It is identical to the version embedded on this itch page.


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Grooverland.gblorb 2 MB

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