Excuse me, can you help me? Yes, you, browsing itch.io! I need your assistance, but I don't have long. There's so much going on: remote surveillance, unauthorized cloning, forgotten languages, robots playing poker. It's time to take control! 

Absence of Law is a science fiction comedy from the author of Ether and Color the Truth. This game is designed to be accessible to those who have never played parser games, while keeping a few surprises for parser experts. 

The online version of this game uses non-standard colors and fonts, and has a complete musical soundtrack that can be enabled from the first menu. The download zip contains both a full offline web version (index.html) and a gblorb file with no colors or sound. 


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Where can I find the .zip file? It doesn't seem to be on IFDB or here on Itch, unless I'm missing something.


Oh, weird. You can access its contents here: https://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive/games/competition2017/Absence%20of%20Law/AbsenceOfLaw/

It's not zipped ,though, but you could download the entire  Competition2017 zip in the same directory. Thanks for asking!

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Thanks for the help! 

I’m trying to make an offline backup of the top ~100 games on IFDB, and I couldn’t find the offline HTML version mentioned in your description, so thanks for helping me!